What our customers are saying


What our customers are saying

Fujieda City 40's Housewife

Thank you, shopkeeper.
It's as delicious as ever, and the wheat rice is just going to go on.
It is delicious, I like the atmosphere, and sometimes I disturb you.

Self-employed man in his 60s in Shizuoka City

It is an old private house restaurant in the mountain area about 20 minutes to the north from Fujieda bypass Inaba Interchange.
In the shop, there are splendid pillars, between the beams and the Iori and the boards, which are inexhaustlessly without ceilings, and there are edges, etc., and I feel nostalgia everywhere.
Anyway, it is cheap and there is a quantity, and the gentle taste of the light taste is delicious and wonderful.

Local man in his 70s

In this atmosphere, even the highest course is only 2300 yen. This price is satisfactory for this quality natural selection dish.
I think that it is better to make an inquiry and a reservation in advance because the deep-fried toro which is attached to this course is very delicious, and it is a waste not to be able to eat it by the holiday, the charter, and the full house etc.

A woman in her 40s who is a dog dog in Shimada City

We have a dog that is an important family.
This is one of the few restaurants that even pets can accept, so we use it.
It was good to be able to enjoy the relaxing like a barbecue while feeling nature outside.
It is really helpful because there is no such place in the middle.
There seems to be a cute cat in the owner's house which is worried about animals, and I like the owner who can worry about details.

Hamamatsu City 50's Housewife

The road which goes up to an old private house might be a little difficult for the person who does not have oneself in the driving.
For the elderly and women, I think that it is safer to leave the car in the second parking lot where the banner of the climb marks immediately to the right after entering from the side road entrance.
Driving boast, but those of light vehicles may enjoy the extraordinary return a sense of hiya and hiya ...
I'm a housewife, but I've cleared it (laughs)

Tokyo Women in their thirties

I was able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience another world where mountain birds sing happily in the quiet mountains.

Yakizu Snack Mom

It is a building that renovated an old private house, and the inside of the shop is a shop with a calm atmosphere because it is a splendid old-time beaming out.
Jazz background music is playing in the quiet shop.
Tororo is a little different from shizuoka's famous restaurants, the seasoning is modest, and the taste of the ingredients stands out.
There were about three cups of wheat rice lightly, and my stomach was full.
It's been a long time since I've had such a substitute.

40Male company employee working for an advertising company

There is a famous long-established shop in the neighboring city that is famous for its toro soup.
To be honest, this is much better in terms of quality and cost performance.

a woman in her fifties who walks around eating

There are two types of "deep-fried toro" are those made by placing the toro on seaweed and deep-fried, and the deep-fried dish with the toro on the umbrella of shiitake mushrooms.
It's really delicious. This "fried toro" is good, isn't it?

Shibata City Self-employed 70s

I asked for 2300 yen for "Nakazato Toro-don" from the menu.
This is a "garbage bowl" of 1800 yen with fried toro or three kinds of yam grilled, and there is a very good deal.
The inside of the shop also has a Japanese-modern impression, and because there are many windows, the inside of the shop is bright, and I like it because it is a very calm atmosphere.

Kakegawa City Beauty Salon Management 60's Woman

The food is good, the atmosphere is good, and in addition, the fine care of the employees is also a wonderful and unsnoasing shop.
At the end of the day, the owner-chef greeted me with a simple greeting and I really like it.
I would love to visit you again.